Mama, How Would Your Life Change.... 
If you knew the secrets from 30 experts on how to create a more natural and holistic lifestyle? 
Join us in this EXCLUSIVE and FIRST EVER summit for holistic-minded mamas! Featuring 30 experts, naturopathic doctors, authors, influencers, and trailblazers as they reveal their most powerful tips and strategies to live a healthier and happier life NOW in 2021!!! 
The Holistic Mama Summit  


This summit is designed for the holistic-minded mama who is ready to help shift the world towards a better and healthier place for her and her family!  She values a more natural and  "Mother Nature-infused" way of living and thrives in a community of like-minded women! 

Our own health, the health of our children, and the health of our world depends on us! We are the gatekeepers to our families and to our communities and the only way we can change the future of the world is by changing the decisions we make everyday when it comes to how we feed, raise, and take care of ourselves and our families.  

The experts, naturopathic doctors, authors, influencers, and trailblazers featured in this summit come to offer you incredible insight and information to help us all create a healthier and more sustainable way of living. 

KNOWLEDGE is power! We are the only one's who can advocate for ourselves and our family's health and it is time to shift towards living a more natural and healthier lifestyle! 

This event will blow your mind and bring you SO much valuable information, you don't want to miss it! 

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Why Should You Attend the Holistic Mama Summit?

Watch from the comfort of your home, office, couch, or when you're exercising or just running errands! 

It's FREE!!! 
This 3-day summit is FREE!!! 

You get access to INCREDIBLE speakers, information, resources, and FREE GIFTS!! 

Check out our Experts, Authors, Naturopathic Doctors, Influencers, and Trailblazers Speaking at the Summit.... 
Dr. Roseanne Capanna - Hodge
Dr. Nat Kringoudis 
Dr. Catherine Clinton 
Patricia Lohan 
Dr. Debi Silber 
Laura McKeown 
Dr. Ben Zorensky 
Eliza Kingsford 
Angela Ferrari 
Dr. Aumatma Simmons 
Jamie Marvin 
Elissa Williams 
Neil Miller 
Amy Carney 
Dr. Sera Shepard 
Dr. Keiko  Finnegan 
Dr. Michelle Peris 
Dr. Kiera Barr
Jaclyn Bacon 
Dr. Meghna Dassani 
Debora Wayne 
Dr. Louse Swartswalter
Wendy Falcon 
Dr. Beverly Yates
Dr. Seth Gerlach 
Tonya Harris 
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All interviews on each day will go live for 24 hours!! 

Day 1 
  Just For The Mama 
  • How to Reclaim Your Menstrual Cycle so you can Tap Into Your Innate Superpower with Women's Empowerment Advocate, 
    Dr. Michelle Peris, ND                                                    
  • The  Female Pleasure Potential, The Orgasm Gap and  How to Re-Invigorate Your Love  Life!  with Sex & Intimacy Expert 
    Susan Bratton                                                                        
  • How  Body Image Impacts Every Aspect of Our Lives and How to Shift Towards Self-Love, with  Psychotherapist, Eliza Kingsford 

  • Addiction in Motherhood and The First Steps Towards Freedom with Best-Selling Author, 
    Laura McKowen 
  • High-Speed Energy Healing for Chronic Pain  (WORKSHOP IN BONUS INTERVIEW!) with Founder & CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute, 
    Debora Wayne 
  • Why We Experience Intense Triggers in Motherhood  and the first step towards healing with  Shift Process Founder
    Angela Ferrari                                                                       
  • Uncover the Hidden Barriers to Healthy Skin and Tips to Promote Glowing Skin, with Menopause & Dermatologist Specialist 
    Dr. Keira Barr                                                                                                                                                        
  • How to Elevate Your Energy & Lifestyle Through the Way You Dress with Your Virtual Closet Concierge Founder & Stylist, Elissa Williams                                                                           
  • How to Implement an Ancient Practice  of Breathwork to Reduce Stress and Create Magical Moments with Breathwork Expert, Jamie Marvin                                                                         
  • How an Unhealed Betrayal Impacts Your Health, Work, and Relationships with Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Debi Silber          

  • How to Embrace the Power of Writing to  clear away blocks and release the magic within you, with Writer, Author, Writing Coach, Wendy Falcon                                                              

Day 2
  Parenting & The Kids 
  • Proven Strategies to Eliminate Picky Eating Power Struggles with Kids Cook Real Food Founder
    Katie Kimball 
  • The Children's Mental Health Crisis and  What We Can Do to Support Our Kids in this unprecedented time, with  Pediatric Mental Health Expert,
    Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge                                      
  • Parenting on Purpose  through a Pandemic and Beyond with Author & Speaker
    Amy Carney                                                                           
  • The Foundations of Raising A Healthy Child with Naturopathic Physician,  
    Dr. Ben Zorensky, ND                                                        
  • How to Talk to Your Children About Reproductive & Sexual Health with Natural Fertility & Hormone Expert,  
    Dr. Nat Kringoudis                                                             
  • Top Fertility Strategies  and Health Foundations for the Mama-to-Be with Fertility Expert & Endocrinologist, 
    Dr. Aumatma Simmons, ND                                         
  • Postpartum Health Check-in: How to look under the Surface of Common Symptoms, like Anxiety, Fatigue, and Headaches in Postpartum Moms, with Holistic Nurse Practitioner and Health Consultant, Jaclyn Bacon 
  • The Five Secrets to Reboot Your Brain and Reclaim Your Happiness with Naturopathic Doctor & Beautiful Brain Expert,
    Dr. Louise Swartswalter                                                           
  • The Diabetes Epidemic - How to Minimize Your Risk and Help Your Children Grow up with Healthy Lifestyle Habits, with Diabetes Expert , 
    Dr. Beverly Yates, ND 
  • Kids and Toxins: How They Are More Vulnerable + Simple Steps to a Healthy Home Detox with Award-Winning Environmental Toxin Expert, 
    Tonya Harris
  • How Our Gut Health Impacts EVERY Aspect of Our Lives and the Top Strategies to Heal and Optimize it's Innate Healing for Better Moods and More Energy with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Becky Wells 

Day 3 
   For You and Your Home
  • REAL Medical Research into Vaccines  and a dive into Important Vaccine Studies with Best-Selling Author and Medical Researcher,  Neil Miller 
  • EMF's: What are They, Why They Matter,  How They Relate to Your Health and  Top Strategies to Reduce Your Exposure with  Bestselling Author &  Award-Winning Journalist, Beth Greer 

  • Creating a Holistic Home using Feng Shui and Top Tips to Make Your Home more Magnetic to What You Desire, with Feng Shui Expert, Patricia Lohan 
  • Healthy Sleep, Happy Kids: How Sleep Disorders Wreck our Health and the Most Important Steps we can Take to Achieve Restful Sleep with Holistic Dentist and Author, Dr. Meghna Dassani 
  • How Infections and Toxins Impact the Body-  the Most Powerful Ways to Heal and Achieve Optimal Health with Functional  Medicine Doctor & Chiropractor,  
    Dr. Seth Gerlach 
  • The Magic of Chiropractic Work for the Mother -  The Nervous System, and What you can do to Support it Everyday, with  Chiropractor & Kinfolk Optimal Living FounderDr. Keiko  Finnegan 
  • How Chiropractic Care is Changing Children's Lives - Why it can Impact the Way Our Kids Develop with Chiropractor & Kinfolk Optimal Living Founder, Dr. Sera Sheppard 
  • Terrain Vs. Germ Theory   -How this Shift of Perspective Changes Everything  For Us to  Overcome Chronic Disease and Optimize our Health with Author, Speaker, and Pediatric Health Advocate,  Dr. Catherine Clinton , ND
  • How to Stay Motivated, Handle Stress, and Be The Example for Your Kids , by Implementing  Daily Movementwith Fitness Guru , Jenny Dean 

  • How to get Your Kids to Eat Healthier - Top Strategies to Encourage Your Kids to Try New Foods and the Most Important Baby Steps to Take with Nutritional Therapy Consultant,  Becky Wells 
This summit is for the holistic-minded mamas wanting to learn and be inspired to live in a way that is more natural and in alignment with Mother-Nature! 
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Your Summit Host
Becky Wells 
Founder of Hippie Moms
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Clean Living Educator & Advocate
Passionate about being a voice and guide for holistic-minded moms who are seeking better health, wellness, and overall increasing their and their families quality of life, Becky's mission is to serve mom's on their path to change the way they do even the littlest of things! 

 Challenging the status quo, implementing mother nature infused remedies, and living in a way that is nurturing to the earth,  she is the support and resource mom's need! 

She leads group coaching programs, cleanses, detoxes, and clean eating workshops. She is also the host of The Hippie Moms Podcast

Becky founded the Hippie Moms community in April 2015.  
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